Modified: 2021-02-07

For humans who are not visually impaired, vision is the most important source of information about the world. Cognitive scientists have demonstrated how human, animal, and computer vision works. Whether natural or created, vision and its interpreation is a data intensive process. In humans and animals interpretation of visual input begins early in the structure of the visual system and continues deep in the brain. Watch the Kiki video below, to see how it takes nearly five minutes to explain a few seconds of visual input and interpretation. Computer vision, too, has progressed rapidly. Facial recognition technology is a recent example. Facial recognition works but there are privacy concerns about its use that will need resolution soon.

The Eye

Signage examples
Sign Clutter Overglow Clearview Details Comparison Research
Notice the confusion of typefaces, colors, and sizes. All make reading a sign from a vehicle difficult. Usually, light helps reading. Here, too much light makes reading difficult Notice the subtle but important differences that make Clearview easier to read Here, a new Clearview sign replaced the older Highway Gothic one Here is one way signage research can be conducted safely

Animal Vision

Computer Vision

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