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Many web pages neglect users or force them to hunt hard for information. Designers of web pages could easily create pages that are easier to navigate, find, and view. Usability is the art, craft, and science behind making web pages better for users. Below, we will examine user-driven usability, usability testing companies, usability conferences, date consistency, tablets, smartwatches, and voice command interfaces. Usability, of course, is not just limited to web pages. All kinds of devices, real or virtual, can be made better by applying the rules of usability. UX is often used as shorthand for "User Experience."
Usability Testing Companies. Here are some companies that specialize in usability testing. Such testing is not cheap, but can easily pay for itself in additional business.

Usability Conferences. Here are few upcoming conferences in the area of usability.

Date consistency. An international problem in usability is the wide variety of methods for citing dates.

Tablets. Apple created a new market for tablets with its iPad. How does tablet design and usability interrelate? The first article notes that tablets are useful in displaying graphic material and good for short term use. Users prefer laptops for longer term use.

Smart Watches. Watches are the number one example of wearable computing. Many of you likely have a smart watch of some kind. I wear my Apple Watch during the day and my now YouTube famous analog Seiko at night.

Remote Control Design. Yes, I know, I can't stop writing about this horrible interface. Please bear with me. We bought a big Sony TV when the kids were young. The first thing I did was to lock up its remote so they could not crash the TV. If your house is like mine you have more than one remote needed to control the TV, the cable, and whatever other devices you have connected.

Voice Interfaces. Just FYI, I only use Siri but not very often. Usually, when I really need it the interface does not work that well. Voice interfaces are often abbreviated as VU or VUI.

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