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To achieve some interactivity, please e-mail me any questions you have about the course or its topics. I'll post those here anonymously and will also answer you privately. FYI, the latest questions appear first.


How do I study for the first CS test?

Good question. Read all of the assigned pages:

Introduction to Cognitive Science
Psychology and CS
Biology and CS

Read the Nuñez et al. article

Then, open the test and match up the questions with the answers. Remember, you have lots of time to do that.

What is cognitive science?

That's a great question that will take a few weeks for us to develop together. There's a long and comprehensive answer here. There's a another one here. A short answer is that cognitive science is an umbrella field for topics related mental events and control in humans, animals, and machines. Some of the disciplines under that umbrella include: psychology, philosophy, language & linguistics, the social sciences, computer science (especially AI), and a few others.

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