Cognitive Science All Students

Modified: 2021-02-03

This page is to help make our online class a little more like a traditional one. You may e-mail the entire class or individual members by clicking on the links below. My e-mail address does NOT appear on the entire class list. To contact me click HERE

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Name Photo E-mail Major Year
Boone Kristin Rayne Psychology Junior
Bryant D'Orsay Deavenport Undecided Senior
Chamberlain Morgan Ciera Biology:Pre Health Sophomore
Christopher Kamari A'Tayana Mecha Criminal Justice Senior
Coleman Dwayne Darnell Mathematics Senior
Collins Kayla Love Criminal Justice Junior
Davis Kieran Ray-Lee Psychology Senior
Dominguez Maria Guadalupe Criminal Justice Senior
Echols Bailey Morgan Psychology Junior
Floyd Kaitlyn Nicole Pre-Nursing (BSN) Junior
Frazier Kiara Alise Pre-Nursing (BSN) Sophomore
Gibson Cheree Omenic Criminal Justice Junior
Hicks Caney Monroe Criminal Justice Junior
Hudgens Ariel Lyn University Studies Senior
Jackson Alexandria Grace Psychology Senior
James Mishelai Ariyan Criminal Justice Junior
Jefferson Davoshia Carthians Criminal Justice Senior
Jennings Jenae Diann Criminal Justice Junior
Jernigan Erin Michelle Pre-Nursing (BSN) Sophomore
Johnson Malaysia Arbanee Nacole Biology:Pre Health Sophomore
Kelly Mariah Ta'Shae Psychology Sophomore
Langston Jeremy Nathaniel University Studies Senior
Lantz Abigail Maleah Biology Senior
Louden Lyric Marsha Mass Comm:Mass Media Senior
Marks Janalon A'Mari Criminal Justice Senior
Mathis Penny Keyshonna missed Criminal Justice Junior
May Bailey Denee Biology:Pre Health Sophomore
Monson Madison Jade Psychology Senior
Neeley Jordan Carole Psychology Junior
Norman Thomas Joseph Psychology Sophomore
O'Neal Katelyn Nicole Pre-Nursing (BSN) Junior
Orgeron Alexus Naomi missed Psychology Freshman
Sanders Ashley Skye Psychology Sophomore
Self Sierra Nicole Criminal Justice Junior
Smith Aaron Jeffrey Psychology Sophomore
Smith Rachael Nicole Psychology Senior
Spriggs Sammi Perf Arts:Music Perf-Instr Junior
Stringfellow Jessica Brooklyn Psychology Sophomore
Sutterfield Cassidy Paige Criminal Justice Junior
Taylor Arianna Jnae Pre-Nursing (BSN) Junior
Thomas Janikqua Semone' Criminal Justice Sophomore
Turner Raquel Yasmin University Studies Junior
Wade Tamera Keishaunda Sheyanne Criminal Justice Senior
Watlington Maggie Mae Chem:Pre-Hlth Prof Biochemistry Junior
Whigham Ashyea Alana Psychology Sophomore
Williams Dustinee Rena Psychology Sophomore
Wise Savannah Lee Psychology Junior
Woodle Megan Brianna Psychology Sophomore
Zeiler Haley Cathryn Pre-Nursing (BSN) Sophomore
Brown Aidan

Psychology Senior
Blair Finley Biology: Pre-Health Sophomore
Kardas Edward Psychology Instructor


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